X​-​Box Suicide don't do it (split with Angry Norwegian)

by Kindergarten Hazing Ritual

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Microsoft announced the X-Box One during the summer, and the mob gathered to cast them down from their pedestal for not making any mention of games for the new console, and making KINECT manditory, which made everyone suspect NSA involvement (and what do you know, that shit was true).

of course, all those kids are gonna buy the console anyway.
C'mon now. You know that. Don't you??

You're gonna buy it too, that's why we put this out just in time for you all to listen to it on the way to GameStop.


(PS - we do NOT give Sony any props, because we do not forgive and we do not forget)


released November 4, 2013



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Track Name: Set Top Box 720 (the reveal)
Someone's so lazy they can't even be bothered to pass off movies as games anymore they decide to pass off a TiVo as a console
With built in required baby monitor cam to get the tinfoil snapback pack going mad
Is that called innovation? When you neglect the one job you had?
Those kids Supported you so long, you'll show them all what suckers they are
Bring the crash. Nobody's got it right.
Track Name: for all the game stop boycotts that won't happen (the reaction)
The things suckers sign up for, settle for, shill for
First on the block to backpedal
Who will be the first in the mob?
Who will have the best excuse?
These gamers or whatever you call them
(nothing changes)
They'll beef all year and then buy shit anyway
(nothing changes)
Track Name: wile e coyote never switched from acme, why? (the hipocracy)
Everyone gets what they paid for
They just don't know what they paid for (do they?)
I know what they think they paid for
It's not what they actually paid for
Bait switch taped live
Track Name: dat tin foil snap back swag (the nosiness)
Just because you're paranoid don't mean they are not watching you
Whistle blown right before e3
2+2 = you'll be sold out
Caught wacking it to dead or alive 65, indecent exposure, 3-9
Looking for terrorists, found foul mouthed ten yr olds
Arrested them instead.
And Live was fun again
Track Name: Don Mattrick at your window with a boombox (the backpedaling)
nobody backpedalled faster than you?
Shamed into surrender
How far back will they bend?
False senses of control shift to and fro
How they beg for second chances when they're backed into a ledge
Track Name: good god it's great to be gone (the relief)
It's you
It's this
That shit that i don't miss
Last great generation seems like an eternity ago
Every choice is between the lesser of two evils nowadays
Which evil won?
(I look on in amusement)
What sucked the least?
Console wars won't end
Even after all wars cease