the most misogynist thing ever recorded (split with Arseterror)

by Kindergarten Hazing Ritual



this split has been in the making for like 6 years. Two guys with a hundred solo projects, who weren't sure which one they wanted to do a split with. This year we finally decided to do the damn thing. On our side, we wanted to do something that would scare off the teenage girls that keep adding this band on myspace.
I mean c'mon. . .they don't really listen to our music anyway.
Sure to get us in hot water with 90% of the pussywhipped underground, this is the most misogynist thing ever recorded. . .and no, we won't be backpedaling and saying "it was a joke" in 2 years either.


released March 8, 2010




all rights reserved
Track Name: i only joined a metal band to get my modeling career started
simon cowell said you sucked, so now you prey on us
she is woman, hear her (try to) roar in front of the mirror
you'll set yourselves back decades to represent yourselves
you've got something to prove, prove you're one of us
the niche that keeps on giving unwelcome attention to the unwelcome
strike a pose, is she really even saying anything?
what's the correlation between how little she's wearing and how "sick" her vocals are?
who needs suicidegirls, when you can be a revolver centerfold?
who needs talent, when you can be a glorified groupie?
"i was gonna learn to play the drums, but then I realized nobody can see my rack behind the rack toms"
"i'm with the band", "i'm in the band", not much difference, is there?
on 20 little boys top 20 lists, she's in there
on 30 desperate e-grind bands myspace top freinds, she's in there
center of the group photo, she's in there
center of attention, fucking everywhere
who'd she fuck to get in there?
she said she'd fuck all of you, and it hasn't happened yet has it?